How A Pharmacy Staffing Agency Can Solve Staff Shortages And Turnover

Solving staff shortages and turnover for two nationwide pharmacy businesses.


Two large, nationwide, pharmacy-based companies struggled finding quality candidates to fulfill roles involving medication therapy management and consumer outreach, focusing on high-quality customer service.


Plagued by staff shortages, both companies were struggling with a cycle of overworked people and low morale driving even more attrition. With more than 375 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and customer support roles available, these companies needed people — and fast.


They engaged the staffing services of ASG Pharmacy due to our extensive database of pharmacy professionals and use of technology to quickly source and activate quality talent. ASG Pharmacy was able to spring into action by offering:

  • Temp-to-hire services to try out new allied health employees before committing to a permanent hire
  • A dedicated team to quickly source and engage with candidates
  • Sourcing technology to connect and vet candidates quickly and thoroughly
  • Trends and market information that influenced the client to offer market pay rates

The Impact

ASG Pharmacy was able to quickly start submitting qualified candidates, enabling the client to put all of their internal HR resources toward hiring and retaining allied health professionals.

Through the first year of the partnerships, we delivered:

  • Nearly 400 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and customer service professionals — 40% of which were hired on directly
  • 90% retention rate of at least 90 days
  • 50% increase in the companies’ hiring rate along with a decrease in turnover due to employee satisfaction

Need Pharmacy Staffing help?

We believe specialized roles deserve specialized attention. Our award-winning team relies upon deep industry knowledge, state-of-the-art recruiting technology and advanced data analytics to match qualified pharmacy candidates with employers quickly, but carefully. Trust Alliance Solutions Group Pharmacy to help unlock the potential of niche talent for your organization.